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Not Now Studio is a one woman print machine based in Bristol, UK.

I specialise in DIY, hand-pulled screen printing and my main focus is collaborating with ace illustrators from all over the world who inspire and push me to want to be better in what I do every damn day. My main concern is making art for the masses: keeping printing accessible, affordable and representative.

I use the profits from all the print runs to directly fund charities and organisations I believe are working hard to make this weird ass world a safer and better place to be for all. For more info on the organisations I support, check the details of each product in the shop.

I try to make sure all the materials I use are vegan and as recyclable as possible. 

Everything is done in my studio with Jacknife Prints and 16 Tonne in Two's Company Studios. Drop by and say hey, sling me an email at notnowprintstudio@gmail.com OR go to the insta @notnowstudio to find out more about what I do.

Check out the store to buy some nice shit for your eye sockets.

See you never suckas!




How long will postage take?

I usually do one post office run a week. I do all the postage myself and I also have a full time job, so it's not possible to do any more than that. For the UK, postage is usually 3-5 working days from the date I go to the post office. Other parts of the world will vary, depending on what the postage service is like in your country. I send package either tracked/signed for and you should get an email once your package has been shipped. If you have any questions about postage, shoot me an email before putting your order in. 

How do you chose which charities to support?

Choosing which charities I support is always hard, as there are a million and one amazing organisations out there. For the most part, the charities I support are ones that are close to my heart (SARSAS, Feed The Homeless, Viva!). Most of the charities are based here in Bristol. but I am always open to the artist I am collaborating with to chose an organisation they would like to support instead. The money I put aside from each sale is sent to the relevant charity in different ways - send as cash directly to the charity, used to buy needed equipment/materials for a specific campaign or used to cook hot meals for the homeless community here in Bristol. I am always open to people offering suggestions, so if you know of an organisation that is in need of some some support, let me know!

How do your collaborations come about and how can I get involved?

Usually, I seek out artists who's work I admire and ask if they would be interested in collaborating on a small run of prints with me. That being said, I'm always super keen to hear from other artists who think we would work well together. Feel free to shoot me an email at notnowprintstudio@gmail.com if you want to make some nice stuff together! 

If you've got any other questions feel free to shoot me an email and I'll answer any queries you have as best as I can!