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We're now booking places for our hand pulled screen printing classes that we run with our studio pals Jacknife Prints and 16 Tonne.

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Each course is 4 evening sessions, every Wednesday, and lasts one month. We run the classes from our fully equipped studio in the heart of Old Market, Bristol. Each student gets their own work space and their own screens. You'll finish the course with a stack of A2, 3 colour prints of your own design that you're free to sell or give to your dog or eat for dinner.

The course is £200 - this includes all paper, ink,screen prep and a bit of know how from 10 years of combined experience. There's 3 tutors and only 6 students on each course, so ya know you'll get it right. We'll also throw in a cuppa and a rich tea if you're nice enough.

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Drop us an email at notnowprintstudio@gmail.com OR info@jacknifeprints.com if you're interested in getting involved.

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